Monday, May 30, 2011

long weekend

Regis and I had dinner at Number 4 in Mankato last night. We meant to go to Olives and stopped by Pappageorge on the way and it was closed so we changed our plan. How adventurous of us. Both of us had looked at the menu so were pretty sure we would like it. We had a lovely booth that was quiet and private and the menu was interesting.

Regis had the Sunday night prime rib special and I had ahi tuna on asparagus spears. The food was good but the popover was burned which is an inattention to detail that means a lot. Bread is my standard. I don't eat much of it and I like it to be good. Even if it's mediocre bread, it should not come to your table burned.

I'm worried about storms today. It's supposed to get up to 86 degrees and that always feels like tornado weather especially with all the humidity. There's my weather paranoia in all its glory.

We've had a tradition of a Memorial Day road trip for a few years. We usually go out to the pioneer cemetery and walk around although today the weather may prevent that leg of the journey. We pick a direction and take off for a day of site seeing and dining. Today, we're going to Faribault and some possible destinations are the Cheese Cave, Java Live, and Me Grind, Inc. I'll take pictures of our trip and will post them here later.

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