Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday in pictures

Regis came home a week or so ago and said his company was having a Cinco de Mayo party. I start thinking of costumes but not wanting to go overboard, I decide on this pretty flower wreath with streamers for my hair. Deb at Mary's Flowers made it for me.

I wore it in the afternoon and my friends clucked over it, thinking it was interesting and fun. At the party, not one person mentioned it leading me to believe that they think I just go around with flowers in my hair. Ah, well. There are worse things.

I was the only one in any kind of clothing indicative of a holiday. I should have known.

We met the party folks at a restaurant in Lower North Mankato. (Not our favorite Mazatlan and thanks to the commenter for the suggestion to make this distinction.) I'm not going to go on and on about the bad dining experience, but I could, believe me, and if you see me live in the next week I probably will. You would think this place opened at noon yesterday...for the first time. And that none of the help had ever worked in a restaurant before...and wouldn't a Mexican restaurant expect a crowd on Cinco de Mayo? Two cardinal sins of restaurant service for me...dirty glasses everywhere and the wrong size napkins at the bar.

It was a strange evening on many levels.

It's the first morning all winter I haven't turned on the little fireplace. I wonder if cold weather could be past us for good. The forecast for today looks lovely with mostly sun and almost 70 degrees. I think I'll take my bike for a ride tomorrow.

We order spices from Penzey's. This is our summer order: paprika and chilis and peppers.

The book collecting for my new job begins.

I love this bumper sticker!

The daffodils have been blooming for three weeks and they still look great!

More daffodils.

The bunny is now surrounded by chives instead of being covered with snow. He's happier. And his little friend with the umbrella is keeping him company.

Wine is not a beverage, it's a way of life. Ha!

Happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

You should probably mention to all of your amigos that this eatery was in Lower North Mankato, and not in Kato proper.

mom said...

You do look Mexican with a lot of Norwegian thrown in to the mixture. I have a wreath of flowers for my head I use on special occasions. Mom