Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday and the Rapture

I just looked at my weekly spam digest. Here’s what I have:

  • An offer for Louis Vuitton replica purses and watches
  • Several offers for Viagra and other prescription medications
  • Some offer for a product to help me grow two inches in two weeks…

I’m not sure I want to be 5’9”.

Really, folks. Where do these things come from anyway? The only thing weirder than the email is the idea that someone, a real person presumably, is sitting in front of a computer writing it. Writing it with their human hands just as I am writing this. The world is an interesting place which leads to my philosophy that when you buy a
ticket to the circus you should not be surprised by the clowns.

I started the day at the Pulse. All the heavy hitters are on their way to Fargo for the marathon so it was very quiet. I can only say that I am very glad I am not on my way to Fargo to run 13 miles. I’m not a fan of long car rides, I don’t like to run in the rain, and I don’t like to run 13 miles. All good reasons to pass on this event, wouldn’t you say?

My next stop was River Rock Coffee, a place with wood floors, soft lamp lighting, and great coffee. Joanne and I sat at a window table and watched the day begin. I had a nice dark roast Brazilian coffee and we split a scone.

Here’s a good one for you. Apparently, after the Rapture, they (a group of nice Atheists) will go to your house, get your pet, and care for long as the Rapture or your dog last, I guess. This little service is provided to the tune of 120 dollars for the first pet and 20 for each additional pet. The price has gone up with the news of the impending Rapture, for which we would throw a party if the weather were not so inclement.

Regis and I figure after the Rapture, we’ll just move into our neighbor’s house. They have a hot tub, a gazebo, and two nice cars. We can keep our house for a guest home.

We had an interesting Friday night. Ran into lots of fun folks we hadn't seen for years. Had a good meal. Slept all night. Good way to move on into the weekend.

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