Sunday, May 08, 2011


Regis and I went on a small adventure yesterday. We went to the Cedar's Grille about 5 and had a cheese plate and a glass of wine on our way to the Bothy. On a whim, we stopped at Pappageorge to see the Kentucky Derby crowd. Oh, my, it was raucous in there. There were a couple of ladies at the bar in great hats.

Dean McGraw performed at the Bothy last night and he is one of our favorites. He talked a lot about his recent cancer and the treatment and how his friends from all over the country cared for him. He's a sweet man. His music is amazing and moving. He had us singing in the end, I'm a Believer and Like a Rolling Stone, which always leaves me feeling like my soul has been washed and hung out to dry in the warm sun. It was a wonderful evening.

I'm not sure I have told this story here before (if I did, it was years ago and I've forgotten) but do you see that tan suitcase under the speaker? My Grandma Elsie gave that to me for a high school graduation present. I had it for 30 years, then donated it to the regional treatment center thrift shop. One night at the Bothy, I looked at it and knew it was mine. I asked Bill where he got it and he know the rest. I checked out the tags and I was certain. How weird is that?

I have a loose plan for the day. If it were warmer, I would be in the garden but it's not so I won't. I don't believe in torturing myself by going out too early in the cold and wet. Gardening should be enjoyable so I'll wait. Yesterday was beautiful but I felt like just sitting which is what I did. You are probably starting to see my dilemma.

Regis is taking me out for dinner later this afternoon. In one of the books I was reading on the patio yesterday, the author asked why people feel it's necessary to go other places when there is so much to discover and do right here. It's how we feel. We meet interesting people and enjoy wonderful food and music. Why go anywhere else?

In the meantime, I'll gather up the laundry, do the dishes, make an omelet, and putter around in my stuff. We're having a party to celebrate the graduation of the Patriarch next Saturday. Come on over for some nibbles and noshing on the patio.

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