Sunday, May 29, 2011

elliot, crustless pizza, and a lovely morning

We met Tiffany at Sam's Club yesterday and took Elliot for the day so she could work. We stopped at the pet store and he was fascinated by the birds, bunnies, gerbils, guinea pigs, and snakes.

We came home to have lunch and a nap. We went for a walk in the afternoon. He held my hand and was friendly to everyone we encountered. He would shout out, "Run!" and we would run. He would shout out, "Jump!" and we would jump about ten times. He is good exercise.

I made a real pizza and a crustless pizza, both of which involved a lot of cooking and dishes. Regis said the crustless pizza was ok but would not make his top ten list. He said it needed a crust...and it did.

We've had a wonderful morning doing just what I like to do...a little breakfast, some coffee, the radio, reading and writing, and some etsy shopping for aprons. I found some great holiday aprons on sale and I have my eye on a Day of the Dead apron. It's expensive so I have found the fabric and might try to find someone to make it for me. What a hoot, eh?

This is one of my coffee cup aprons. I am establishing quite a collection of aprons.

And this is the Day of the Dead apron after which I am currently lusting. Click on the picture and it should open in another window so you can see the skeletons.

It sure looks like rain. Every time I get a notion to go to the patio to read or pull some weeds, it gets dark and threatening again. Harrumph.

I'm going to spend the afternoon studying for my new job. I did some yesterday while Elliot was asleep and wrote about it on the other blog. I get a little mixed up about what I wrote where so if you find duplicates, it's not that I'm losing my mind. Really.

This will be my last week of school, well, except for summer school. But this feels like the end. I have a lot of projects to wrap up in June, meetings to attend so I can pass on this and that, lists to make of what to do when, and so on. I also have a busy training schedule for my new career at River Rock. So, if you see a streak past your window...white hair and a colorful's me.

Happy and safe holiday weekend to all my family and friends.


mom said...

My friend handed me an apron after church today. She had made a 4th of July apron and wanted $12.00 for it. It is very cute!!

Mom said...

I just discovered Etsy last week. What a great way to waste time. I like the web site a lot.

Mom said...

I can do that. Make an apron that is.