Friday, May 20, 2011

coffee cups

I have a coffee cup wardrobe. Regis says it's a coffee cup collection but since I choose the cup I want to drink from depending on mood, time of day, and beverage...I think wardrobe fits.

This is one of Grandma Elsie's fancy teacups. I have it at work for the times I want something delicate for my coffee. I am not a tea drinker. I like the idea of tea but I am not, or maybe I have not, been fond of tea.

This aubergine cup is big and heavy and just right for a meeting-size cup of coffee. I use this one sometimes when I have protein mixed into my coffee. Or is I need to warm my hands.

This is a little Dansk coffee cup that I got on sale at Swedish Kontur. I love the dishes there but they are a little expensive for me so I watch for them on the sale table. This set cost five dollars. I love the size of it and it's my most-often used cup at work.

This is a little coffee cupboard I found at Pier One years ago. I love it and it's where my coffee cups rest at work. This is a Halloween coffee cup as I am also fond of holiday coffee cups. I have quite a few for Halloween and get them out about the first of October and use them all month.

This is my travel mug. I talked about it once to Regis...the old-fashioned travel mug with the no-spill top and the sticky bottom so it would sit on the dash. From the days before cars had multiple cup holders and there were all those nasty plastic and metal travel mugs. He found this for me on eBay. I don't usually travel with coffee in a mug, but if I need to, this is what I use.

This is another tiny Dansk cup. I bet it holds a half cup of coffee. It's for after lunch when I just want a small cup as a dessert. You don't chug coffee from this thing. You are mindful of your coffee in a cup this size.

Regis gave me this set one year for Christmas. It came from Swedish Kontur, too, although I bet he didn't wait for it to go on sale! It came with a beautiful cereal bowl. I love the colors...deep blue, turquoise, and red. I didn't get a very good picture of the owls on it so here's a link if you want to see more.

This was one of my favorites over the winter. It's handmade and I bought it at Charme la Vie here in town. It's only about three inches across the top but it's deep. It's a great hand warmer! I would drop it into my lunch bag or purse and take it to work or to meetings with me.

Joanne gave me this one. I like the attached spoon and use this when I add things to my coffee like dark chocolate or cream. It's a nice size cup for weekend mornings.

So, there's the coffee cup wardrobe. Or at least some of it.

At our last party, I told a friend of mine to pick out the wine glass she wanted. She responded with this: It doesn't matter. Oh, yes it does, I said. And so she picked one.

It's 4:20 on Friday morning. It's been a long week for many reasons. 

We left Tuesday after school for Rochester as I had my annual check-up with the nutrition specialist on Wednesday. We had a quiet dinner at Michael's and went to bed early. We aren't much for late nights usually.

Thursday, I had to get up early (not a problem) and go to have my blood drawn. Regis and I went to Caribou where we had trouble finding the coffee menu. Does that tell you something?

I love the Mayo area...always so busy and interesting. After the blood thing, I got a little breakfast to go at the clinic cafeteria when I was done. 12 hours of fasting is not for me.

We visited our new favorite grocery store, Trader Joe's, and TJ Maxx. Had lunch at Zzest. Were on the drive home by 2:00. It was a good day.

So, here we go into the weekend. No plans. Nice.

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Mom said...

I still have my mug you brought me from New York when you were in high school. Is that sentimental or what?