Saturday, May 28, 2011

atypical start to the weekend

We decided to change up our weekend and stop for a cup of coffee instead of a glass of wine last night so we were sitting in River Rock at 4 o'clock instead of Patrick's. I'm not sure what strong coffee does for a person's head is all that much better than wine to tell the truth. I felt like sparks were coming off my hair by the time we left.

Regis felt that it just wasn't right and we should go back to our routine. Kind of like trying to hold a fork with your left hand, I think.

We have a three-day weekend stretching out in front of us. I'm trying to maintain that delicate balance of doing things and doing nothing. Today could be a busy day....Elliot is coming for the day and Tiffany will come for dinner after work. We're making pizza.

I need to buy some groceries and since our list is greatly simplified, I might try getting them all at the new coop. I'll have Regis come along to scope out the prices. We like to buy earth-friendly, fair trade, and all of that but we don't want to spend a hundred dollars for toilet paper either.

Peter came for dinner the other night and we made the best fajitas. We always use a flank steak and a spice blend we buy from Penzey's. Regis is a wonderful cook.

I packed some left-overs in my bento box for lunch yesterday. So pretty and so tasty.

I have a lot of grilled things on the menu this week but that will be derailed if we continue to get this wet and chilly weather. It's no fun to stand on the patio in a driving rain for two hamburgers. Stuffed peppers, grilled portobellos, steak, tuna. I bought some beautiful little multi-colored peppers at the coop the other day and they will be great stuffed with cheese and Andouille sausage.

I wonder if I can get a walk in this morning without getting doused. The radar looks good so I think I'll give it a try.

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