Saturday, May 07, 2011

announcing: a new blog!

I'm not abandoning this blog, I have decided to start a new blog to document and archive all my learning for the coffee and bistro business. The name of it is Seed of the Coffee Tree and you can find it here.

I have two posts there already so check it out. I'm planning to have lots of links and lists so it will be a way to access that information from anywhere.

I had a lovely day. I spent the afternoon on the patio under a big sun hat in my coffee apron. Here I am.

And here is my pile of books.

I have been on the patio a lot this weekend. Here I am last night. Too bad I'm not working instead of sitting. The neighbors are working like little ants and here I sit.

Regis made me a steak and cheese omelet for breakfast. It was beautiful and delicious. I love the little square plates with the turned up corners.

Alex came over for a short visit today. He is usually reluctant to be here alone but today, we promised a juice box and fruit snacks. He was happy to sit and watch the birds until his daddy came back.

Making a new blog is interesting. So many things I have forgotten how to do and so many things have been added to the gadgets. It's fun.

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