Saturday, April 23, 2011

wet and gloom

Another chilly and cloudy day. We keep trying to be optimistic about spring but it's hard. We are hoping to cook ribs on the grill tomorrow afternoon and I'd like to clean up the yard a little but I'm not going to do either of those things if it's 40 degrees.

We went to Olives for dinner last night. We planned to get a table but when Regis saw Adam, our favorite bartender, he steered me right up to the bar. We had a very good time and a wonderful meal. We visited with Nancy, a woman we met last time who was fortifying herself with a drink before she went to the Job's dance. Now there's a woman to admire. She just defended her thesis and said she would invite us to her graduation party. What a hoot. I love those accidental friendships.

I stopped another woman to visit as we were waiting in the lobby of the hotel. turns out they are from St. Peter. She asked if we knew Vickie, the woman whose house we were at Thursday after work. They live right across the street. Small world.

I put the party table up this afternoon and started gathering the holiday dishes. I have a cut glass jar I like to keep filled with jelly beans. This year, I filled plastic eggs for the little kids and we're have an egg hunt, weather permitting. I was very conflicted about the carbohydrates this year. Not because I object if other people eat them, I just kept waffling on what to make since the girls are bringing cheesy potatoes and cowboy beans. In the end, I bought bread sticks and settled for Easter candy instead of the Guinness cake. We'll have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and a nice dip.

We're going to Tom and Betty's later this afternoon for dinner and a 60th birthday celebration. Tom's making pot roast and he's a good cook so bound to be some hearty eating going on.

I've been playing with Regis' iPad. Whoa...very cool. I can see one of those in my future.

It's a nice Saturday...if you don't look outside.

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