Saturday, April 30, 2011


My time in that race this morning sucked which I knew it would but I guess I report it when it's good so I better report when it's bad: 0:42:46. I can usually do a 5K in about 35 minutes. There was a big bottle-neck right after I crossed the starting line and several further on in the course. I am not competitive. Really, I am not. But if they bother to give you a chip timer, it should go better than this. (Who is this talking?) The course was way too narrow for that many people and it got jammed up a lot. There wasn't a consistent plan for dealing with traffic. Some volunteers made the runners stop and some made the cars stop so you never knew. It was fun to see all the young girls running, though. Girls on the Run, you know.

Regis and I were planning to go to Olives for dinner. About 20 minutes ago, I had the unhappy thought that it is prom night in SP and might be prom night in Mankato. I called Olives and they are booked solid until 7:30 which I don't care about since our plan was to eat at the bar but now it makes even that proposition iffy although kids don't sit at the bar. I went on a mini-rant and told Regis that kids ought to eat in their own restaurants or high school cafeterias (as I did...) and leave the high-end restaurants to adults. He told me his prom was at the Latin Casino and they heard the Four Tops. Seriously. A rant wasted. We're going to go and give it a try. Olives, not the Latin Casino which was not Latin and not a casino.

Regis is finding music for us. We have really enjoyed the old Willie Dixon tunes and last night discovered Howlin' Wolf. We're looking forward to the Ambassador's Bluesfest this summer.

Lovely Saturday.

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