Monday, April 25, 2011

three days blasted past us

Ella and I colored Easter eggs in the sink yesterday. The results were disappointing. Not the intense colors I've gotten in the past with the cheap Paas kit, but washed out pastels that seemed to run off the egg onto the paper towel the minute we set them down to dry.

We had a good time anyway. The weather was beautiful and we got to sit outside most of the afternoon, only coming in to eat. The egg hunt was a success and I wish we had gotten some pictures of it.

This from the blog of Paul Douglas:

From 64 later today to a chance of slush by Wednesday morning. Welcome to "spring" in Minnesota.
1.13" of precipitation expected from Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday afternoon (vast majority should fall as rain).
When they talk slush and "vast majority should fall as rain", this is bad news folks. Spring snow. No disguising it. We're all going to be on Prozac before this spring ends.

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Jill said...

Right this moment it's beautiful out, and the chirping birdies make it seem like a true spring day. Hold on--it will happen!