Sunday, April 03, 2011

sunday in pictures and a post without the word suck in the title

This has been a lovely weekend. I seem to have recovered from the blues of last week. It may hit me again from time to time but I'm hoping that the peak has passed.

Regis suggested some retail therapy yesterday so he drove me around Mankato and I picked up some great spring clothes in bright orange and bright pink. I've never been much a thrift store shopper but in the last few months, I've gotten some great stuff at consignment and thrift stores. Yesterday, I scored a couple of denim skirts and a bright red, wool jacket.

Ella called when we were on our way home so we stopped and got her on our way into town. She had me model the new clothes for Regis. She insisted on helping with buttons and zippers and accessories and would precede me out of the bedroom, announcing to Regis that he would "love this look". What a hoot.

We had dinner at Olives last night. I love that place. We got there earlier than the friends we were meeting so we sat at the bar for a while and watched the patrons. A couple of guys came in and I tried to guess what they would drink. A glass of chardonnay and a glass of Chianti. Not my first thought. I didn't even think they made Chianti anymore. The bartender said they were out of it but I bet he was thinking that the 70s called and they want their wine back.

We stopped at the Cedars Grille on our way home because Patrick's was hopping with music and we didn't want to muscle a crowd. Not much going on at CG. Hardly anybody in the dining room and three people at the bar, one of them a server. Can you hear that giant sucking sound?

I have quite a list of things to accomplish today.
  • Buy groceries (done)
  • Clean up the house
  • Put the Christmas tree away
  • Put winter clothes in storage (done)
  • Make muffins
  • Make an egg bake
  • Create an invitation for Betty's 60th birthday party
  • Create an invitation for the Repeal of Prohibition party
  • Clean off the garden area where the new patio will be (done)
  • Get stuff out of the porch so Jan can clean out there (done)
I can see now that my list is a bit ...ah, what's the word?...some of this crap won't get done. I'll get started and see how far I get. Ambitious. That's the word.

More later as the day transpires. I went out to put some grape jelly in the feeder for the robins and heard a cardinal. I love spring.

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