Saturday, April 09, 2011


I woke up at 4 this morning but made myself stay in bed until 5 at which time I got up, made coffee, and did my usual morning stuff...checking email, reading a few blogs, checking Facebook. I have pretty much given up on newspapers as there is nothing there but bad news.

I did read that the state overpaid some folks on unemployment 25 dollars a week during 2010 because of a computer misdirection. Lovely. So, people who are already lacking resources are going to be dunned by the state to repay this money. Why don't they try to get it back from some of the fat cats who cheat on their taxes? Like maybe Denny Hecker has some cash to spare. Or those folks who screwed our city out of all that money. Let them pay it back.

Regis and I had a quiet Friday evening. We stopped at the bar with Joanne for a glass of wine and some wings and came home early to watch a few episodes of Arrested Development.

I had a good meeting yesterday afternoon with some powerful and competent women who will carry on the special ed mission after my departure. Somehow, it makes it easier to go.

We're cooking ribs on the grill this afternoon to celebrate the 78th anniversary of Repeal of Prohibition. Regis got me a costume. There is a great story that goes along with this but I won't tell it here.

Lots to do today. Better get moving. As they say on The Moth, have a story-worthy day.

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