Friday, April 22, 2011

saturday on friday

Regis and I are not working today so it feels like Saturday even though it's only Friday which will be like having an additional day in the weekend. Too bad the weather is so morbid. We have been able to sit on the patio once time this year and we haven't used the grill in the front at all yet. Good grief. It's almost May.

I'm trying to decide if I should go to the Pulse or walk outside. I'm inclined to walk outside even with the nasty weather conditions just to get some fresh air. It feels like a luxury to get outside. I tend to put that kind of exercise off, though, and eventually the day ends without doing it. This is why I get up at 4 a.m.

I went to the Pulse and it was fun to be there at a different time. I saw friends who are usually late morning exercisers instead of the early birds I usually see. I walked for 45 minutes...a little over three miles. I bragged a little about my medal. I told them I figured out that I don't have to get faster, I just have to get older.

I have an interview on Tuesday for a post-retirement job at a local business. They are looking for someone who likes to write, has an interest in food and hospitality, and likes to have fun. I spent an hour on the phone with the person this morning and I said, to quote Steve Martin, "I'd get paid for doin' this?" Sounds like too much fun to be a job. Oh, and they dress up at this place from time to time. Costumes. Imagine.

It's been rainy and cold all day but I've had fun and did a few things that could be considered productive. I'm putting together a portfolio for my interview. It's a whole lot more fun that the last two portfolios I did. Writing samples, pictures of costumes, pictures of food and table settings. Ah, life can be so ironic. Regis has part of my portfolio on the iPad so I can demonstrate my technology skills. I told her I'm not bad for an old gal in the technology department. Ha!

I made buffalo chicken meatballs today. I love them for lunch with a little spicy marinara and some mozzarella cheese.

Finished up the Easter menu and binder for the recipes. I wonder if it will be dry enough for the little kids to look for Easter eggs in the grass.

Regis and I are going out on the town. Dang, we have fun.

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