Tuesday, April 05, 2011

random notes

I slept in this morning until 5. My muscles are sore from the TRX workout yesterday and I needed a little more sleep. I don't have much interest in working today, what a surprise.

Karl came yesterday to start the patio addition. We'll have a bigger patio by the end of the day today. The guy is a hard worker. I have ideas about populating the patio with chairs and such while Regis has a more open vision.

I flash baked two chickens for dinner last when Bob, Emily, and the little ones came to our house. Flash baking means that you cook them for 45-60 minutes at a high temperature. I woke up in the middle of the night and  realized that our house smells like vaporized chicken fat. I can only imagine what the inside of the oven looks like but it doesn't matter, the chicken was delicious.

I read the note on the city's newsletter about their plan to pick up yard waste. It's so confusing that we might have to take the whole business to the compost site ourselves. They will pick up brush, grass clippings, and garden waste but not leaves. This time of year aren't the leaves mixed in with the other stuff and do I really have to sort the grass clippings from the leaves?

Sunday I hauled all my winter clothes and coats to the basement. Yesterday, it was about 35 degrees when I got up with a driving wind, rain, and a little snow mixed in for good measure. It was hard to put an outfit together for that kind of weather. Ugh. Today looks more hopeful for spring temperatures.

Ok. I guess I have to go to work.

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Jill said...

I had the same response to the city letter about picking up yard waste. In our case, they never got to our street to pick up leaves in the fall. The snow came, and the leaf piles became snow piles. They owe us a fall pick up still!