Friday, April 29, 2011


I have about ten minutes before I go to the Pulse to work out. I have been neglectful of that the last few days. Back to work...

I'm missing the Royal Wedding. I have to admit some interest even though it might be silly. I watched Charles and Diana marry years ago and loved it. It's a fairy tale...or at least they paint it like one. We watched The King's Speech last night. Good movie and a different picture of the royal life. And I've read books, believe me, and I know they do not live perfect lives.

Planning the weekend. There are always so many choices of things to do but our favorite seems to be not much of anything. There is a race I'm registered for tomorrow morning in Mankato and that might be just enough structure to the weekend.

I still have all the crap around from last weekend...Easter basket stuff, fancy dishes, table cloth, big table in the kitchen. I'd like to get that stuff stowed tomorrow. Moving on to the next season...summer!

iGoogle says it's going to be 66 and sunny today. Is that sandal weather? I had lunch with Jill yesterday and she was sockless. She said her feet were cold but she flat-out refuses to go back to socks. I get that, believe me. It's so disheartening to go back to socks and boots after a taste of spring.

An upside to the chilly weather is that the daffodils are still beautiful!

On to Friday, friends! Make it a wonderful weekend!

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Jill said...

I wore sandals to do some work outside today, Teresa. I only had about a half an hour to get some raking done, so it wasn't enough time for my feet to freeze. I don't like hot weather anymore than I like cold, wet weather, but I do want sandal weather to get here and stick around for a while!