Tuesday, April 19, 2011

over all that blarney

I feel good today. Like I have passed over the hump and I'm on the downhill side. My wonderful mom called last night with lots of support and encouragement. Bless her heart. We had a glass of wine together...across the miles.

I went out this morning and cut a bouquet of daffodils for a friend of mine who had a wicked bad-ass week. There is always worse shit than the stuff you are wading through yourself.

I went to the Pulse this morning and it was much quieter than it was yesterday. Sometimes I can hardly stand the stimulation. I got on the treadmill with Crazy Heart on my iPod and read The Road Home while I walked a nice pace. Relaxing way to start the day.

It will be about my third time back and forth through The Road Home in the last two months. I started it on my Kindle, realized I had to buy it, read the paperback version at the same time I was continuing to read the Kindle version. Now I'm back to the beginning of the Kindle version. I love Jim Harrison's writing.

I have a meeting this morning but I'm timing my arrival at the school. Funny that I have been a teacher for more than 30...almost 40...years and I still hate busy hallways.

Regis bought himself an iPad. He loves gadgets and thinks this will be all that and more. He said I could play with it and he figures I will want one, but I have more electronic devices right now than I can manage sanely. Last year, I wanted one thing that would do all of this stuff. No such luck then. Now, it looks like an iPad have been it but now I have a Kindle and an Android phone and a laptop. Too much stuff.

The apple tree has tiny leaves on it. It's just waiting for a warm day to spring to life. I saw gold finches at the feeder this morning. Lots of perennials are coming up in the garden. These are hopeful signs.

On to Tuesday.

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Jill said...

Maybe Regis can do a pilot study of whether an iPad can be all of those other things so a guy could get by with only one. Won't work for a phone though...or maybe it does by now!