Wednesday, April 20, 2011

no snow and what a relief

We woke up this morning to no snow on the ground. We were hugely relieved as it meant we would get dressed and go off to work as is our responsibility. We had threatened that we would not be reporting to work in the event of snow. Disaster averted.

I have been trying to think of a creative pursuit for myself after retirement. Besides my mission to be a web content writer, I would like to either learn to play the concertina, learn to draw, or learn photography. I'm not very patient so the hobby that can be developed in the shortest amount of time is the one I will be more likely to pursue. That's a joke.

Regis brought me home a great pair of shoes from the costume company. They're called Spellbound and they are meant to be worn with a vampire costume. Cool. You want to make sure you are stone sober and walking on a smooth surface when you wear these babies.
I am perseverating on the fact that I won in my age group on Sunday. I admit to myself it is only because I was the only one in my age group, but part of my brain keeps thinking hurray for me. What the hell. I'm not very competitive so winning, or even going fast, is never important to me. If I happen to win by accident, now that's nice.

We had a nice dinner at Olive's last night with Bob and Richie. I had missed my favorite bartender but he was working last night. He stopped to visit with our group when I was in the bathroom. Damn. Such a nice place to eat and visit. They bring olives and the best bread in the world, then you have an appetizer, then a nice meal. I had a green salad with scallops from the appetizer menu and it was perfect. I should have taken pictures of the food as it was all gorgeous.

I've had a crazy busy week with lots of meetings. I drive from one end of town to the other. By the end of the week, I will have a bag stuffed with notes and things to do, sense of which I will not be able to make. Hahahaha! Tried to avoid using a preposition at the end of a sentence. Is that still a rule? I should look it up in Ed's book.

I have not been frustrated by all the driving around. I have decided it's just how the job is right now. I feel like I am tying up all kinds of loose ends and that's good.

On to Wednesday. Stay warm and dry today, my friends.

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