Sunday, April 17, 2011

late sunday

Ella met me toward the end and ran across the finish line with me. She was a trooper. I tried to give her my race shirt for a nightie but she said, "No, thanks. I have enough of those." Yeah, me, too.

That was about as cold as I have ever been. If I had had my phone on Nicollet Avenue when we were going north, I would have called for a ride. I dropped a tissue and it blew into the ditch. I went after it since it was the only one I had and seriously, I thought I was going to tip over and fall down. My legs were numb from being cold. Thinking about this now, it might not have been a bad strategy.

We met Nikki and Scott for breakfast at Patrick's after the run. It was packed in there.

Ella came home with us and helped me do some cooking. We made meatloaf muffins and egg bake and flax meal muffins. That should carry us through lunches for the next few weeks.

I think someone should have a party to celebrate the Royal Wedding. I'm not up to it but I would like to attend one. Too bad the Brits can't hold their weddings at a time more convenient for me. I stayed awake the night Chuck and Di got married but I was much younger then. And a re-play is just not the same. Oh, we don't have tv anyway so I guess it's moot.

We saw a big bunny in the back yard this afternoon. Ella was pretty sure he (she?) was laying eggs. Ha! When Peter was a little boy, we found a rabbit nest in the garden and took a picture of it. Just a little fur-lined hole in the dirt. The next year, he said we should plant bunnies again. Such cute ideas those little ones have.

Whack me on the head, it's Monday tomorrow. I don't know how that happens so fast. Ugh.

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