Sunday, April 17, 2011

it is what it is

Yesterday, I staged a protest against the cold, wet weekend and wore capri leggings and sandals with 4 inch heels. I planned to hang round the house in that get-up but Regis got such a kick out of it that he offered to take me out for a glass of wine. We went to Tony's place and had the cheese and fruit plate and it was wonderful. I may have gotten second degree frost bite on my toes but it was worth it to thumb my nose at Mother Nature.

When we left at 4 o'clock, it was 37 degrees. What the hell. I swear I saw snow flakes again when we came home. It's disgusting.

This morning, it's about 35 but they say it feels like 23. I'm going to run in the Race for Acceptance at GAC and wanted to wear sunflower leggings to celebrate the lovely spring weather. I'm not sure that will happen but I refuse to dig out the long underwear again.

We had a wonderful day yesterday. We took our long grocery list to the HyVee and did some serious damage there. I went to Kohl's to use my 30% off coupon.I am a great bargain shopper and found, again, some great deals on the clearance racks. I went to Pier One to complete a birthday gift purchase. I went to TJ Maxx and walked around in a cool pair of shoes but they weren't the right size and they didn't have the right size. Good thing.

I have some cooking to do today: flax meal muffins, oatmeal pancakes, cheesy egg bake, meatballs, and buffalo chicken meatballs. All things we package up and freeze for quick lunches and easy dinners.

We were supposed to have three days off next weekend but we lost two due to snow days. Blechhh.

I had an email from my friend, Jane. Her son and daughter-in-law and new baby live in Japan, just north of Tokyo. Here is the poem she sent and her note:

Oh, honey

Oh, honey,
the heavy lace curtains
fold in such a way
that I can barely see
the cold April rain
run and rivet down the glass.
The wind hollers
in the trees
and sends the water
sideways on the pane.

The gray day
folds me in its charm,
and tries to fool me 
with some autumn lie.
Oh, honey, 
it will not bide.
April, fickle girl,
gone hunting lilacs
and peonies,
will skip back by,
laughing that we dared
to think she'd stay, 
laughing that we ever thought
she'd stay!

Last night Dick was taking Susie and me up town when you called. We played cards and drank and spit on the floor and told lies. Dick came home and watched hockey. When I came home, I had another drink and then had a melt down, wrote a poem in my head cursing Japan and the fact that Devin ever moved there and the fact that I have a child that I might only see once a year for the rest of my life and that I have a grandbaby that really won't ever know me or Nick or.....or.....and is living in the shadow of whatever the future is for Japan and, and, and....Woke up this morning and said, "It is what it is." 
It is what it is. I guess she's right. I had a rough couple days with the retirement blues again. I know it will pass again, and may have already for all I know. Regis says I should write a post called: : My job is what I do; it is not who I am. I suggested this instead: How to fall off the perch with grace and wit. He says if I own up to the serious feelings that maybe the ghosts will retreat. He could be right.

I notice Jane says up town. If I go there, I call it down town. I wonder if it is because she goes up the hill and I go south. Or is it just a regionalism? Here's what wikipedia says:
The term uptown often refers to a specific portion of a city in contrast with the local downtown area. The term is used mainly in the United States and Canada. The uptown neighborhood or neighborhoods, separated from the city's lower or central business district, may often be residential, sometimes with particularly upscale or fashionable connotation. Such uptown areas may not necessarily be located to the north of or at a higher elevation than the downtown, regardless of designation.
That's funny because in our particular cases, we are both talking about the business area of small towns. Not upscale or fashionable either. Laughing.

The sun is coming out! I see blue sky! I may not have to run in mukluks after all!

I looked back at last year's blog post for this date and there are pictures of me working in the garden. The fern leaf peony is about four inches tall and the tulips are blooming. Ha!

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