Monday, April 11, 2011

fuzzy thinking sunday and into monday

I have cleaned up the flotsam and jetsam from the party. I have taken a nap. I have eaten a nice Western omelet. I have played with the pictures from yesterday. And I just hired a young man to rake my lawn. It's been a productive day, so far.

The weather here is peculiar. When we woke up this morning it was muggy and gray. Reminds me of the tornado day. That was early spring, too, and unseasonably warm and humid. Bert was in a state of near panic all day and tried to get into the refrigerator every time I opened it. I don't have a dog to predict the weather today.

Regis and I like to set the party mood so yesterday, I put 400 pictures of our friends and past parties on a jump drive so it would play on the digital frame. I found 50 hits of the 30s on iTunes so we had some music of the era playing for the party.

I have a kid raking the yard for us. He said he wanted ten dollars which of course, I said, was not enough and I would give him 40 if he did a good job. He's not a kid, a young man, really, who works hard. (Regis is having to give him some guidance.)

We started planning the Easter menu today. Regis wants to make ribs on the grill if the weather is conducive, although we may not know until that day. I think I'll make a Guinness cake for dessert. I have sort of forgotten about things that some people eat, like potatoes. Bread is still on my radar and I'll make a nice focaccia. But cheesy potatoes, I'm not sure I can do. I'll have to think about it.

Peter popped in this afternoon. We've seen him so rarely this winter that we almost had to ask for ID. He ate some ribs and went down to ransack his room looking for spring clothes. We're taking him out to eat on his birthday Wednesday. He'll be 24... and how did that happen???

I surprised myself and actually put everything away. I even put all the clean dishes away, folded up the extra table, and put it in the porch. This is not characteristic of me. I am more slothful than this and typically will quit a job in the middle of it. Sometimes I surprise myself.

Ha! Well, I didn't finish this blog post yesterday. I got distracted and went to bed with it half done.

I was trying on my new leggings to see how weird they look. Not too weird, eh?

It was a grand weekend but now it's 4:20 in the morning. It's dark and damp and chilly outside but I'm going to get in the car and go to the Pulse to meet up with Rachel. It's the way I start my week. On to Monday, friends!

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