Sunday, March 13, 2011

waiting for light

What the hell. I hate this darkness in the morning. I can get dark at 8 o'clock for all I care but I want it light in the morning.

We're going to buy groceries but I refuse to leave the house in the dark.

On the menu this week: jambalaya, pot roast, corned beef and cabbage, fajitas.That will take us through next Sunday.

I think my St. Patrick's Day outfit is complete. I didn't find the right scarf but the one I found will have to do. If I have been thinking, I could have ordered something. But I wasn't and I didn't.

We had such a lovely Saturday. I spent the morning in the kitchen and went to the basement to exercise early afternoon. Regis hooked up a new wireless printer (amazing). We headed to Mankato about 3.

I dropped a book off for Tiffany at Sam's Club. What a zoo. I haven't been in there for years because really, why does a person need a bag of cheese curls the size of a five-year old?

I stopped at Shopko. My friends think I need to dress like a leprechaun and bring my pot o' gold to school on Thursday. I was thinking those gold wrapped chocolate coins but couldn't find them.

We had dinner at Mazatlan. So good and so inexpensive. We stopped at Pappageorge for a glass of wine on the way home. It's gotten to be a favorite spot. They only have one television and if it were me, I would get rid of that one. There is always some awful news on and it just draws your brain. I always try to sit with my back to it. Who needs to see Mel Gibson or Charlie Sheen when they're trying to have a nice glass of malbec? We were home by 7.

I was reading one of my old posts the other day and I had used the wrong there. I used they're instead of their. Good grief. Go ahead, poke fun at me. I had to edit it and make it right but you can see how easily it happens.

Getting up and moving on to enjoy Sunday.

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