Tuesday, March 08, 2011

tuesday morning cold and dark

Regis and I were sitting in the living room last night and I said it was nice to see that it's still light out at 6:00 but it would be nice if there weren't two feet of snow yet. Seriously, isn't this getting to be a bit of a pain in the ass? Let me just rant for a minute. I'm tired of heavy coats and heavy sweaters and boots (not the hot kind) and mittens. I'm tired of starting the car. I'm tired of being inside.

I want to sit on the patio in the evening and watch the birds. If they all haven't starved or frozen to death, that is. I can't get to the can that holds our bird feed so the poor things, I hope they have been eating at John's. He probably puts out a better spread anyway.

Two scruffy squirrels have been foraging in our flat feeder. I don't know if they're old or just looking ratty from the end of winter, like the rest of us. Their tails look a little thin and their ears are white. I think when I go to Mankato, I'll buy some corn to put on the snow for them. Poor things.

I just looked at my google calendar and re-scheduled a couple things. I have been running a lot already this week and it's only Tuesday. It's time to dial it back a notch. Friday, I made this note: DON'T SCHEDULE ANYTHING THIS DAY! Ha!

I love google images. I just did a search for "old squirrel" hoping that I could find a picture close to the patriarch in my yard. It's just amazing what some people will photograph. I didn't find a picture of an old squirrel (surprising) but there were pictures of squirrels in Superman costumes, dead squirrels next to guns (really?), and lots of pictures of baby squirrels when they look like mice. I don't get the gun thing at all. This must be some ancient hunter brain thing...pride in the kill. But a squirrel? Did they pop them as they sat on the bird feeder eating sunflower seeds?

I think I will stop at Mary's Flowers on my way from one school to the other today. I see a shamrock plant, a few tulips, and maybe a bouquet of daffodils. A guy needs a splash of color on a day like this.

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