Wednesday, March 16, 2011

time for some levity

Here is my St. Patrick's Day costume for the costume company pub crawl. Get a load of the heels on those shoes. Wine consumption with be kept to a minimum or Regis will be hauling my sorry ass around town on a two-wheel cart. That would not be good for my school marm reputation.

I emailed the photo to friends (David and Marilyn, AKA Bob and Betty) yesterday at their request and they sent this in response:

(To be spoken with an Irish accent, of course.)

May the Irish eyes be smilin' upon yeh!
May the beer be the same color as your shoes!
May the red of your hair match the blush of your cheeks!
May the stripes in your stockin's always be parallel to the ground!
May your glass always be half-full!
May the end of the rainbow be within your reach!
May the pot of gold be there, too!
May your smile brighten every dark corner!

Your friends,
Bob and Betty

I love the line about the stripes in my stockin's always being parallel to the ground! What a hoot.

So, go about your almost-spring business today. Walk in the sunshine. Point out where the snow is melting. Pay attention to the sound of birds and other hopeful signs. Hold the hand of someone you love. Be thankful for this day and your place in it.

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