Wednesday, March 23, 2011

random notes on brain suck

We had a wonderful time with Elliot this weekend. Also got to spend some time with Ella. She came for the afternoon Saturday and helped with her cousin. She went to Mankato with us Monday afternoon so I could get a haircut. We stopped in Penney's and bought her an Easter hat, a little sun dress, and a pretty purse.

Elliot's mama finally made it back to Minnesota from Florida. It was a stressful journey that involved a missed flight, an overnight in Chicago, and several frantic phone calls. Elliot is happy to be back in his own nest.

The Board accepted my letter of retirement. What else would they do? Insist that I keep working? Ha!

Monday night, we had huge thunder and spectacular lightening. In the morning, we had ice pellets and torrential rain. All day the wind was horrific. The forecast threatens snow and the floodwaters are encroaching. Spring will come eventually, right? We feel like every day we have to grit our teeth and just get through it. This has been the longest winter.

We watched The Fighter last night. I feel like such a dope about current movies and television. I have completely lost touch with what's new and who's who. I don't even bother looking at People magazine anymore (such a loss...) because I can't identify one person. Anyway...we loved this movie. I was reluctant to watch because I knew, since it was about boxing, there would be some violence and I have an aversion. There were only a few scenes where I had to look away. Mostly it was about the relationships.

Regis looked out the door and he says the snow is coming down pretty good. Damn.

Not sure I can do snow today. Yesterday, I tried to wear shoes instead of boots and my feet froze. Back to winter gear today.

We're going to see Mom this weekend. If we can get there, that is. Mom is always a good time and it might be fun to get out of town. I wish they had a Trader Joe's in Canby.

Yesterday, I lost a three hundred dollar check. I remember tucking into a jacket pocket which is never a good idea. I had a very absent-minded day. I just couldn't focus on anything and spent all day digging for things, looking for things, trying to remember things.

We haven't seen the sun for days and I think the gray skies are sucking my brain energy.

Trying very hard to work up some positive energy here this morning.

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