Tuesday, March 15, 2011

from jane

Thank you. I love you. I find comfort in visualizing Regis right there beside you. The dermatologist folks just returned my call...finally. The medical assistant who called was very comforting. She acted as if she had all day to talk to just me. In a nutshell...allergic reaction to the medication, stress of the illness, stress of the circumstances...all combined to result in trauma, hair loss. She talked of how common a reaction this is...said the skin should cycle...said that I need to do everything I can do to relieve the stressers. So. I intended to start walking again, so here we go. Sense of humor, please stop by. Write, Read. Write to Devin and Hiroe every day. Send them things. Hold baby Brogan. Hold Riley's hand. Remember how lucky I am. Thank you.

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