Thursday, March 24, 2011

found the check

I drove two friends of mine to a conference today. When I took the car seats out of the back seat, I found the lost 300 dollar check on the floor. Whew. It must have slipped out of my jacket pocket. Lesson learned and note to self.

The conference was interesting. At first, I thought I might be too cynical for it to be productive. I sat in the front row which is a good thing for a person as easily distracted as I am. I like to spread out and stretch my legs and it helps me pay attention. I learned a lot. I'll try to disseminate the information before I exit stage left on June 30.

The lunch, one of the highlights for me, was amazing. A lovely salad, a nice piece of rare beef with crab and Hollandaise sauce on top, and the most beautiful broccoli ever. The desert, which I did not eat, came with some kind of orchid-like flower on top. Pretty fancy for school teacher types.

Contrary to my expectations, the sun shone brightly today and we did not experience any precipitation or untoward weather events. This was a very good thing as many of us were being driven to homicide or at least to a state of distraction by the gloom and lingering winter weather. A guy can only stand so much.

Driven to a state of distraction. Not sure what that means. If you know, don't tell me.

Regis and I are spending a quiet evening listening to Willie Dixon blues and having a glass of wine. I'm tapping the keys here and he's reading an article criticizing the new USDA dietary guidelines. We've been hashing them (the guidelines) over for weeks.

Last night, we had dinner at the Cedar's Grille. Such a nice atmosphere. I had salmon and then some of the left-overs for dinner tonight. I love eating fish but not preparing it at home so much. Much better to have it out somewhere. Pappageorge = ahi tuna.

I had another bad kindle experience yesterday. I had been reading a book that was only marginal at best but I was 3/4 of the way through it. When I opened the damn kindle and turned it on, I was back to page 1. I tried syncing to the last page luck. So now, as I see it, the only option is to next page through the whole damn book. It isn't a good enough read to bother with that so I will probably abandon it.

If I start something I really love, my first instinct is to buy the real book. The Road Home by Jim Harrison. I had to have the book in my hands. I have the book in my hands now.

I seem to have run out of inspiration so I will sign off for now. Have a wonderful Friday and as they say on the Moth, make it a story-worthy day!

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