Tuesday, March 15, 2011


It's been a a terrible few days. I talked to Jane Friday morning but I was afraid to call as I didn't remember exactly where Devin and Hiroe lived. What if it was one of the places washed away by the tsunami? This morning, I had an email that said her hair was falling out from stress and she wanted me to help her get some perspective. How is that possible?  I have called almost every day...she sounded so good today and so much better than yesterday. She was going for a walk in the sunshine, sleeping better at night, making lists of hopeful things. I feel helpless. I can't imagine having a child, a sweet daughter-in-law, and a grandbaby living there now. They live about 150 miles from the Fukishima reactor. I'm not sure I spelled it right. I didn't ask today if they are able to go to work. Hiroe's mom and brother are with them. This is a long-awaited baby...they have wanted a baby for years and both Devin and Hiroe are in their mid-forties which only adds some poignant irony. Jane wants them to come back to Iowa but how do they leave their relatives and their home and their little dog and their jobs? It's so sad. I looked at the Tribune today with the picture of the young Japanese mom and the baby who looked like Tiffany and I had to go into my office and shut the door with the lights off. It's too awful to even read about. I told Jane to stop reading the news. It can't help. It can't give her any information that will help. It's only constant babble and repeated sensational headlines.

I've tried to think of things I can do but it's impossible. What can you do? Send money? I sent a box of lotion, chocolate, coffee, funny poems, pictures, and bags of St. Patrick's Day buttons. I have them in my heart every minute. There is nothing more to say.

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