Wednesday, March 09, 2011

the dog days of winter

I wrote the title for this post, then put it in google. Technically, the dog days are in the summer, the hottest , most sultry days of summer. Clearly, not accurate. Then I put doldrums in google. Doldrums are a state of inactivity or stagnation. Yes, that fits.

I was in the blackest mood yesterday for no particular reason. Well, a few sort of lame reasons. Steve said something to me Monday night that sent me into orbit, then haunted me all day yesterday. I think I've swept it from my head now. I woke up and the weather was bleak, bleak, bleak. No color. No sun. No warmth. I bought myself roses at noon. It helped.

I went into the flower shop intending to buy tulips or something springy. The red roses were just too gorgeous and I couldn't pass them up for $3 each. So, if you're floundering in the doldrums, get thee to a flower shop and buy yourself some spring!

I keep threatening to stop posting the updates on the bunny in the yard but if I skip a day, I get Facebook messages and email asking where he is. His fans adore him and look for him. Oh, good grief. Yesterday, Ginger threatened to come over and dig the little bastard out herself! How's that for enthusiasm? It snowed again overnight so I hardly dare look out there this morning.

I have a 7 a.m. meeting and if school were to be delayed, it would be cancelled. I would interpret that unlikely event to have great meaning for the universe. This is a meeting, held quarterly, for which I have been responsible for about five years. To say that I am out of energy for it is a huge understatement. I spent two hours yesterday scraping for agenda items and what I came up with is pitiful indeed. Ah, well.

Regis and I watched a movie over the last two nights called The Lives of Others. Here's what IMBD says: In 1984 East Berlin, an agent of the secret police, conducting surveillance on a writer and his lover, finds himself becoming increasingly absorbed by their lives. It's quite dark, as you can imagine, but not violent and there is such sweet redemption in the end that I can recommend it highly. We loved it.

I took the afternoon off today and I'm going to meet Tiffany in Mankato for lunch after her work and then we're going shopping for her birthday. She turns 26 next Friday. How can that be? I have a good Kohl's coupon so you can hardly afford not to shop. Right?

I have 16 Mondays left to work, counting Memorial Day, which I won't work but it will still be a week. If I don't count memorial Day, it gives a false sense of shortness. I'm not good at math and there a few variables but I think that's less than a hundred days.

I'm going to be happier today. We aren't going to get as much snow as they first predicted. There's a reason to celebrate, right there.

Have a happy Wednesday.

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