Sunday, February 20, 2011

weekend schizophrenic

I'm having a tough time making a decision about anything today. I changed the picture on my blog, then changed it again. I've spent an hour changing the template. Should I change the sheets on the bed or wait until tomorrow?

It's because we're teetering on the edge of winter and spring. Winter clothes don't look so good anymore but it's too cold for spring clothes. And what about footwear???

We're in the midst of a blizzard warning that includes up to a foot of snow.

Ah, hell.

We had a good time yesterday. Went to Mankato and did some rapid shopping of sale racks in two of my favorite stores. We wanted to get a new bedspread thing for our bed because the one we have is so heavy it slides off. We had one for years that Mom got at some after-Christmas sale dirt cheap and we loved it. Exactly the right weight and it didn't slide off the bed. I found a Vera Wang set at Kohl's that had been 300 dollars. Seriously? Someone would pay that much money for a thing to cover a bed? This was 80% off so I got it for 57 bucks plus another 15% off. I love a good deal.

We watched Elliot for a couple hours while his mama went to pick up a different car. He's such a doll. I made him chicken and vegetables for dinner with a piece of peanut butter toast. He loved the toast, not so much the chicken. They teach signs at his school so he signs things like full and good. So cute.

We've been documenting the disappearance of our snow via bunny updates. Here he was on Friday. The weather had been warm all week and he was slipping his mantle of snow.

Here he is this morning looking so bereft and so forlorn. It could be a long day for the bunny. It's snowing so hard we can hardly see across the street.

Regis is making me a Mexican omelet for breakfast. We have left-overs (ahi tuna and a ribeye steak) from our dinner last night. I'm going to make buffalo chicken meatballs later. I bet I said that yesterday. Ha!

We have tickets to see a comedian tonight but I wonder if he'll even get to town in this weather. Or if we'll get out of the driveway.

We stopped at the Cedar's Grill on our way back through town. We just had a drink at the bar but Jamie gave us a tour of the hotel rooms and we're decided we'd like to live there. It's beautiful. We talked to lots of people as they left the restaurant and they all said the food was wonderful.

Well, off to enjoy the day. More pictures later.

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Jill said...

Bye-bye bunny! He won't be gone long, though.