Sunday, February 13, 2011

sunday in pictures

I made an egg bake with cottage cheese, sharp cheddar, and lots of spicy peppers. Regis pronounced it delicious.

We cooked a ton of peppers and onions for the carne asada fajitas. I don't know what carne or asada's just in the recipe. We use flank steak and it's wonderful. We use the peppers and onions in almost everything.

Our patio as it is now. I waded out to try and find the charcoal chimney under the grill. No luck. Boo hoo...

The bunny ears are our gauge of how fast the snow is melting. On Friday morning, we could see the tip of the left ear (nearer the sun) and none of the right ear. It got to about 45 degrees today. That, my friends, is 65 degrees warmer than it was last week. Holy shit, Batman.

Here's the view of the bunny ears from the front door.

Since we couldn't find the charcoal chimney, we had to improvise. Regis worked with newspaper and an old White Owl cigar can to get those coals going. He also had to expend some air blowing on them. Success!

They were stubborn little buggers but we got them to light and cook!

Here's the flank steak. Oh, my. We had almost forgotten how good grilled meat can be. We'll eat this for at least three more meals. Remember all the peppers and onions?

Regis cutting the flank steak. He kept his cooking talents from me for a long time. Ha! His secret is out of the bag now. He made the most delicious Mexican omelet for breakfast today.

Our Valentine's Day dinner which we ate tonight. We couldn't pass up a chance to grill on such a nice day. This is probably the earliest we've grilled in a long time. It's hard to keep charcoal hot enough in the winter, unlike gas.

It was another sweet weekend. We got a lot of little tasks done today like laundry, grocery shopping, cooking for the week, recycling, and such. You can bring on Monday because we're ready...not psychologically prepared but ready.

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