Saturday, February 19, 2011

saturday coffee

Vickie brought us coffee from Jamaica so we're having a cup this morning. I went to the Pulse even though my tiny winter-weary brain objected to going outside in the cold.

She also brought me a voodoo doll and Regis this little rasta guy.

I'll leave to your imagination what is beneath the banana.

The weather forecast is miserable, pitiful, damnable, curse-worthy. One of the things I love about keeping this blog is that I can look back to previous years. I did that yesterday and what do you know, I was in the same ugly end-of-winter funk the end of February as I'm in the year. I was taking pictures of the bunny ears emerging from the snow. I was complaining about the cold and dark. I was eager for sandals and tired of winter clothes. Ah, well. Such is life.

We celebrated Alex's 2nd birthday last night at Bob and Emily's house. Alex and Ella love the camera and the minute they see it, they pose and shout, "Cheese!" It's a hoot.

We have a quiet weekend planned. I'm going to do some cooking: oatmeal cottage cheese pancakes, buffalo chicken meatballs, and chicken parmesan. We're going to return a skirt to Kohl's later and then stop for dinner at Pappageorge. (After all that cooking, right?) Tomorrow night we're going to see a comedian at the Firefly Theater. We have some necessary chores like laundry, house picking up, and dishes but for the most part, we'll relax and enjoy. And wait for the snow.

I saw a really ghastly swimsuit on a message board this morning. It burned my retinas and now I need eye surgery. Just kidding about that but if you want to see what I saw, put mankini in google and do an image search. I know you'll do it, Mom. You might regret it, but you'll do it.

I think one of the greatest strengths a person can have is to see life's issues as problems to be solved and not as a crisis du jour that provokes hand-wringing and shirt-rending and dire predictions of further disaster. Oh, my God. Usually, a week after one of these episodes, the hand-wringer doesn't even recall what the Friday crisis's over and done. So my philosophy is to let that stuff float off over the horizon like a big balloon.

One of the people in our family is experiencing car trouble with an old car. Another person in our family is a huge pessimist and is influencing the person with the car trouble to freak out and expect disaster. They both need better filters.

Regis just made us the most delicious Mexican omelet with a stuffed jalapeno pepper, grilled peppers and onions from the fajitas we had earlier in the week, some Andouille sausage, and cheese with Green Mountain salsa on top. Oh, my. That will make you forget about your troubles.

The only good thing about the impending inclement weather is that I can wear my winter boots for one more week. I wore boots every day this winter and now I'm kind of stumped about warmer-weather footwear.

Enough of sitting here blathering about this and that. On with the day! Make it a good one.


Anonymous said...

I did do it and I am sorry. What a horrible picture. I thought it would be a pretty little blonde, but no he was big and ugly.

Jill said...

I waited until your mom did the mankini search. I wanted to know her reaction. Now I think I'll skip it, but only if you lift the banana. Ha ha!

Jill again said...

P.S. Happy Birthday to Alex! He and Ella are great cheesers!

mom said...

Jill, I would not lift the banana skin; it might be as ugly as the man in the mankini. Not a pretty sight.
What is it about some men who think everything they do is so cute!!!