Thursday, February 10, 2011

my skin is flaking off, I swear

It's been so cold out this week that we're all tired. Tired of wearing forty extra pounds of clothes. Tired of dry skin and cracking finger tips. Tired of thinking about whether or not you can leave a thermos of coffee in your car for an hour without it freezing rock solid. The good news is that today could be, just could be, the last day of it for this year. It will be, they have said, in the 30 degree range over the weekend. Hallelujah!

This is the Spiderman costumed character at the place where Regis works. They dress him up for holidays... Spiderman, not Regis...and here he is in his cupid costume. I love it. They had a Christmas party last Friday which we were unable to attend. The theme was Party like a Rock Star and I guess they had quite a time. I want to work in a place that has fun like this.

As if life isn't weird enough, Regis volunteered to do taxes for the old people organization this year. He went to a bunch of training first, then started doing taxes yesterday. I don't know what possessed him as we don't even do our own taxes. I hate anything like that. When I look at numbers on a page, they lift up and float in the air around my head like dust.

Doesn't he look happy?

By the end of today, I will have been to 9 meetings this week. I haven't been at my desk since Monday and I have a bag full of notes, lists, and paper that needs to be sorted out...or maybe just recycled. Yeah, that's a good idea. Just dump the whole thing into the recycle bin. Maniacal laughter. I realize lots of people probably do more meetings than that in a week but it isn't my bag. I'm a slow thinker and this is too much input in a short amount of time  for my head.

I woke up early this morning but didn't go exercise. I'm boycotting the weather. I'm not getting into my car at 5 a.m. to drive a half mile to exercise. Tomorrow will be a different story. It will be ten degrees tomorrow instead of ten below and I can deal with that. Today, not at all. It's coffee and the fireplace for this cat.

I keep thinking of this song by John Gorka.

People My Age

People my age
Have started looking gross
I cannot say all
And I shouldn't say most
I've seen 'em in the grocery
I've seen 'em up close
And people my age
Have started looking gross

People my age
Are showing some wear
There's holes where their teeth was
And their heads have gone bare
Their brains are shrinking
Faces sinking into fat
And as for the mirror
We won't be looking into that

People my age
Have started looking gross
Maybe not in Colorado
Or up the Silicon Coast
Back in Pennsylvania
I'd eat scrapple on toast
Those were my first steps
On the road to looking gross

People my age
Are looking overripe
Some are getting operations
To tighten up what ain't tight
What gravity's ruined
They try to fix with a knife
What's pleasant in the darkness
Is plain scary in the light

Hey, a youtube video of John singing People My Age! Ain't the internet something!

People my age are fascinating. When I don't see someone for a while (like at these meetings I go to all the time....) I realize that people my age are getting old fast. What the hell is up with that? It seemed like we were young (or youngish) forever and now suddenly, we're around the bend. We're kind of losing our color like my tropical fish used to when they got old...they faded. Rage against the loss of color, my old friends. Don't go easy into that good night.

One of my younger colleagues was telling about being on the beach in Hawaii and an "old" guy was walking around in a Speedo. She was amused but I was encouraged. Ha! Good for him, I said. What the hell. He should sit in the shade and sip his tea in Hawaii?

The other day, I mentioned the tv show Hercules to a young woman at school. I said she might not have seen it because it was on in the 1980's and she was probably too young. Some awareness on my part, right? She said she wasn't born until 1989. Whoa. Really. Hard to even get your head around that piece of information.

I've probably spent enough time here this morning. I've had three cups of coffee, warmed my feet before the fire, and babbled on in my usual way. Have a good day. Gather some stories and have some fun.

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