Thursday, February 17, 2011

boy does this suck but why are we surprised?

From our buddy, Paul Douglas:

3-6" potential snowfall in the metro area Sunday. Some parts of Minnesota could easily wind up with over 6" from Sunday's storm. I expect the NWS to issue Winter Storm Watches by late Friday or Saturday morning at the latest. It's still too early to tell where the heaviest snow bands will set up. This will be a wet, slushy snowfall, very different from what fell in January (much easier for MnDOT to keep roads wet/slushy vs. snow-covered). That said, travel may become increasingly tricky during the day Sunday, with the worst conditions after dark Sunday evening.

Holy crap is all I have to say.

We should have known that this was NOT spring even though it's been 50 degrees and snow is melting like crazy and all we get are flood warnings. This is not spring. WTF

I came home from work today absolutely whipped. I had a glass of wine then finished the preparation of the stuffed peppers that the sous-chef had started. He's a good man, that sous-chef. He did the dishes, too. I'm feeling much better now, thanks.

We've been watching the snow melt from around the cement bunny in the garden. Here is the latest photo:

I've been posting his daily photo on Facebook as a way to document how fast the snow is going away. Last week, we couldn't even see the tips of his ears. And those are pine needles around him which means we have gotten down to the layer of snow that came around Christmas. Is there Halloween candy at the bottom?

Our friend, Vickie, is coming back from her cruise (wherever that was...) tonight. She left on a bitter cold day, missed our big thaw, and is coming back just in time for more snow. We're going to help her return to earth by taking her to Pappageorge on Saturday night.

On the 38th of Guna Gonda in the year 1938 B.C., George Antrobus invented the wheel. Thank you Firesign Theatre. That's a blast from the 60's. The character, George Antrobus, is actually from a play by Thornton Wilder called Skin of Our Teeth. 

I keep applying for jobs at the Halloween costume company. So far, I haven't gotten so much as a bye-your-leave. Nada. What the hell. They must not know how much fun I would be and that my birthday is on Halloween. Maybe somebody there will do a google search and find my blog and hire me.

In the last week, a couple of people I know at school have said I should sub after retirement or contract with them for some part of my job. Nah. I'm not interested. I am reinventing myself as a fun and interesting person which means I disdain all the boring things I have done in my life thus far. Maniacal laughter.

We're having stuffed peppers for dinner. Andouille sausage and Monterey Jack cheese stuffed into banana and jalapeno peppers. Delicious.

On to the evening. If we had cable, we'd be watching Parks and Rec.

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