Monday, February 21, 2011

and the bunny is gone

The gray shadow is the tip of his ear. Poor guy.

The weather looks wretched. I have a haircut appointment in Mankato at 4:30 and being the wuss that I am, I am inclined to cancel. Regis, being the eastern guy that he is, is inclined to go.He says he is feeling spry. I said he will be feeling spry in the ditch.

Regis was called into a conference room today to talk to his boss. He said he felt like he was walking to the gallows. But, the guy told him what a great job he's doing and now he can work up to 32 hours a week. Hurray!

There is a squirrel out in the yard hanging upside down on a bird feeder trying to shake some peanuts loose. I know they don't really hibernate but it must be a bitch to wake up from a nap, wander out into a blizzard to try to find a snack...and what the hell...all this snow. Poor guy.And I forgot about the part where you have to hang upside down in your somnambulant state.

We haven't done a very good job of feeding the birds and squirrels this past month because it's hard to wade through ass-deep snow to get to the feed.

I found a beautiful angora sweater, bright red, at TJ Maxx the other day for five dollars. What a deal. I have it on today. I love red.

I'm reading a wonderful book on my kindle. Right away, I found passages I liked but didn't know how to mark so I had to come home and scroll back page by page. I know there is an easier way to do it but I have never investigated it. I just curse the kindle every time it happens. Damn e-books.

The book is called Let's Take the Long Way Home by Gail Caldwell. Lovely writing. Here are a couple of sentences I liked:

What they never tell you about grief is that missing someone is the simple part.Before one enters this spectrum of sorrow, which changes even the color of the trees, there is a blind and daringly wrong assumption that probably allows us to blunder through the days. There is a way one thinks that the show will never end – or that the loss, when it comes, will be toward the end of the road, and not in the middle.I suppose every friendship has such indicators- the checks and balances of the relationship that make it stronger or more generous than either of you alone. For both of us, the volume of the world had been turned up a notch.The flaw is the thing we love. We all need a person who admires and cares for us not in spite of our flaws, but in acceptance of them, as part and parcel of who we are. 
It's still snowing. I have no idea how much snow we got in this last dump but it's a lot.

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Jill said...

I haven't read anything by Gail Caldwell. Yes, lovely writing.

I was frustrated for a while by the system of marking passages on the Kindle, but now I like it after having gotten used to it. What I do not like is the feature that shares what other people have underlined. I turned that off so it doesn't show anymore in the text of the story. I feel your pain.