Friday, January 07, 2011

work intervenes

I am realizing again, how work intervenes in my life. I wonder how it would be to live without work. Do people feel like they have no purpose? Isn't reading and writing all day purposeful?

Some days there are challenges that make it interesting and even exciting. Some days not.

I'm going to exercise this morning. Somehow, drinking this nice cup of kona in front of the fireplace sounds more inviting.

Regis and I are taking a little vacation. In our true style, we are going to Mankato and checking in to the Garden Inn for the weekend. We don't plan to move the car once we get there. It's a lovely place and we plan to take advantage of all the amenities. I'll use the pool and the hot tub. We'll eat and drink at Olives. We'll sit in the pool area and bask in the sun. We may walk down the street late this afternoon to see a couple other places but we have no plans beyond that...slothfulness and decadence are the goals.

I read an article in the paper about parrot rescue. Parrots have lots of bad behavior because they are wild birds and they live to be more than a hundred years old. What would make a person think this would be a good pet?

We had a parakeet once but it drove the dogs crazy so I wasn't fond of letting it out of the cage. Poor bird. I'm not fond of anything, really, that isn't domesticated. Dogs and cats are ok. Those other animals should live outside where they were meant to live. We are happily petless at the moment after years of dogs, birds, and fish.

A friend of mine, a young woman I met through a weight loss surgery message board, is having her surgery today. It gives me goosebumps and takes me back to the day I had surgery. So many changes in the last two years. I never imagined it.

Off to the Pulse.


Jill said...

Have a wonderful vacation, Teresa! The way you wrote about it reminds me of an episode of "Corner Gas", a Canadian sitcom Larry and I used to watch. The main character vacationed a few hundred feet from the gas station where he worked, and sent postcards describing the lovely time he was having. Pretty funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

Note to Teresa: We'll get a postcard this weekend from lovely Mankato to send to Jill. She'll turn green with envy and blue with frostbite.

Anonymous said...

Oh hell, that was supposed to be anonymous. Disregard the last comment. It should read: "You will have to get a postcard this weekend from lovely Mankato to send to Jill. She'll turn green with envy and blue with frostbite.

mom said...

Don't come home pregnant...