Tuesday, January 11, 2011

this is not me running in the snow

This is not me running in the snow and especially not in those shorts. What the hell. I don't even wear shorts to run inside at the Pulse. I usually have on long pants, a thermal shirt, and sometimes a fleece jacket. I have a low tolerance for cold. This picture was taken in St. Peter but we have more snow than this now.

This is me in a parka, a hat, mittens, warm boots, and probably several layers of long underwear.

I can't remember if I posted this picture before but even if I did, it bears repeating. This is at my school and the piles there are bigger now, too. This is the snowiest winter since 1940. You can look it up right below this post.

Regis had a dream the other day that a limo pulled up in front of our house, Bruce Willis (a young Bruce Willis) opened the door, I jumped in and off we went. I think this is because we watched an episode of Moonlighting.

This is a video of a donkey parallel parking a donkey cart. Regis had a driving instructor in high school, Gordon Davies, whose name he invokes every time he has to parallel park because Gordon was a master of the technique. He says this donkey is the reincarnation of Gordon Davies. It could be but then I could also run off in a limo with Bruce Willis. Not very likely in either case.

I have one more thing to post tonight but it requires the other computer and the scanner. BRB

Jill requested that we send a post card from our weekend trip. Post cards are not readily available in hotels anymore so we had to really work to find this one. Imagine that it says, "Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here!" There was a little bar on the lower (left side) of the hotel and I worked there when I was in college. It was a quaint little place. The back bar (beautiful dark wood and mirrors)  is now in the South Street Saloon.

It's truly amazing that I hung on to this post card for all these years and that when we wanted it, we found it.

There you go. Happy Tuesday!

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Jill said...

Thanks for the postcard, Teresa. I love it!