Monday, January 31, 2011

sunday in pictures

Elliot likes to take the magnets off the refrigerator and then carefully replace them.

He always says "cheese!" when he sees the cameera flash. A ham like his Nana!

More play with magnets.

Peppers and onions for the fajiatas.

Regis cooking at the stove. He's quite a chef! We can't wait to get back to grill cooking this spring.

Elliot with the magnets again.

The table where Elliot hangs out. He loves crayons and paper.

Flank steak for fajitas.

Our new blue ray player. This was quite the mystery to me. It's wireless but movies from Netflix come right into our tv. Amazing.

Elliot's little doggy and blanket.

Elliot like to play under the table, too.

PopPop at the stove again!

Self-portrait...Elliot and Nana.

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jill said...

Looks like Nana and Papa had lots of fun with adorable Elliot. Hannah and Miles like their art tables, too!