Sunday, January 09, 2011

Regis and Teresa go out on the town

Regis and I took our trip to the big city. We had a wonderful time and aptly met our goals of slothfulness and decadence. Here's a summary:

  • Friday night we braved the sub zero temps and icy wind chill to go down the street to the Pub 500. We had a very nice time there and the barkeep, John P., was friendly. He grew up in St. Peter and graduated from GAC. We had a small order of wings with Norwegian hot sauce. Interesting concept. Also had to try the homemade potato chips. They were delicious but there were many more than we wanted to eat so I boxed them up and gave them to a couple guys on the street who looked like they could use a snack, even a snack of minimal nutritional value.
  • We tried to go to the Red Sky Lounge but they had a buffet for hockey patrons so we were out of luck.
  • We stopped at Blue Bricks for crab cakes. They were delicious but the wine glass was dirty. Buzz kill.
  • Later, we walked down to Number 4 and had a glass of wine in front of the fireplace. Lovely place but busy with a hockey crowd. 
  • Saturday, we had breakfast at Olives. Doing our part for Mankato's downtown economy.
  • We went to the pool area but I was either too cold in the pool or too hot in the spa tub.
  • We spent the day lounging around our room. We watched Major League, took naps, ate cheese and crackers and dark chocolate in bed, and generally did nothing constructive.
  • We had dinner at Olives. I had this:  Flash Seared Yellowfin Tuna (a Masterpiece of flavors) with Marinated Jumbo Shrimp and a Medley of Sweet Corn, Asparagus and Tomato. It was so good, seriously, I wanted to lick the plate. They make the best bread in ten counties at Olives, too. Regis had this: Caramelized Onion Pizza with Sweet Caramelized Red Onions. Fresh Crumbled Feta and Herb Infused BĂ©chamel Sauce. We have lots of left-overs so we get to enjoy this meal one more time. We ate at the bar because it's so pleasant there and we love Adam. Funny how we know these bartenders by name, eh? Olives is so lovely and the food so good that we're going to save our entertainment dollars to eat there.
  • After dinner, we went back to our room and sat in front of the window to watch a big drama unfold on Riverfront Drive. A cop pulled a car over, pretty soon two more cop cars came. They made two kids in the back seat get out and get searched. Nobody was hauled off, though, and the driver apparently was not under any suspicion. It ended peacefully. Not like COPS.
  • I went into the other room and surprised Regis by popping out in my red wig. Laugh a minute, I am.
  • We sat around our room drinking coffee this morning until about 10, then started the car with the remote and walked out to the ramp. Dead battery. We found a kind soul who agreed to jump our battery and we were on our way home. 
  • It's good to be in our own house again drinking our own coffee and watching our own fireplace but it was a wonderful weekend.

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Jill said...

I was sure the ruckus outside your window was going to be something much more provocative. Reminds me of when Annie went to D.C. on a school trip and they stayed in a sketchy area of the city. Prostitutes were dealing outside, and the h.s. kids watched from the window. I'll have to see if any has a photo of any of that action.

Your weekend sounds relaxing and fun. Love the wig!