Monday, January 03, 2011

my sweet vacation, why did you go so fast?

Here I am, drinking coffee at 4 am, dreading the drive to the Pulse at 5, and dreading the idea of work at 8. I've enjoyed my vacation and wish it could go on a few more days.

On the other hand, maybe it's good for me to get back to some routine and some productivity. Maybe.

One of our favorite meals in the summer is fajitas cooked on the grill. We missed it so much, we've tried to replicate it with the stove. We cook a small piece of sirloin under the broiler and grill the vegetables in a frying pan. Delicious. Makes me yearn for summer.

I'm slowly transitioning past Christmas. I feel like today I can put the Christmas dishes away. I changed the desktop background on my computer. The Christmas napkins are almost gone. Stuff is piling up on the table to be put away for another year. On to the holidays of 2011.

The car is warming up and I have my last cup of coffee. I have to go...

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jill said...

The plate in the picture is hot, hot, hot!

How did your first day back go??