Tuesday, January 25, 2011

dismal tuesday

So you all don't think my life is all silver saddles and Sunday parades. I came home today in a dismal mood. I'm not sure the word dismal should be used to describe a mood but that's what it is. I'm tired. I'm weary. I spend a lot of time muddling around in adult problems at work. Why can't we just all get along? What the hell.

I did the dishes, finished the stuffed peppers that Regis started, and now I'm enjoying a glass of wine. I have to be careful of that because even though I hate to talk about my health problems. I have had some weird hypoglycemic issues. Lovely. Disconcerting. Wine is my therapy. What the hell.

Regis is counting the money in our change jar. With that cash and my early retirement incentive, we'll be, as they used to say, well-off. Maniacal laughter.

I have plans to go to yoga in the morning. Plans in my head that may not materialize at 4 a.m. Getting out of the house in the cold and dark has been a struggle this winter.

We're up to 70 bucks in the cash jar. Harrumph.

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Karen1 said...

Sorry you are feeling dismal too - what a crappy time of year.
But 4am? I've got to stop whining about getting out by 6am to make it to the gym. Which I have not done since what? October?
Tomorrow. Friday. I am getting to the gym for kickboxing class.