Thursday, January 20, 2011

details at 2 a.m.

Not even two weeks ago, we met a young man and his wife at the bar in Olives in Mankato. I wrote about the dinner here, but didn't even mention the chance meeting that led to the discussion of a job in tech support and the exchange of email addresses. You know how that goes. Sure, we thought. The guy is the day bartender at Mettlers.

Yesterday at 5:00, Regis dropped me off at Pappageorge's and he went off to have an "informal discussion" with this guy at the halloween costume company that is growing by leaps and bounds. We drove by it first and it looks sort of industrial, but bright and shiny. Check out their website...they ship costumes all over the world. Regis comes back to Pappageorge in about 30 minutes and calmly sat down to tell me about the interview that wasn't even really an interview. I ask what the next step is. He says he starts Monday.


I start to cry and if  our knees were in better shape we would have jumped around the bar. We just cannot believe it. He starts Monday and the job is everything we hoped for and maybe more. He'll be doing tech support for They have about 300 computers, no network, a jumble of hardware and software, and they want Regis to help sort that out and get everybody going in the same direction. He'll be doing purchasing, software installations, networking, tech support for employees and some on the phone with customers. It will be part-time if that's what he wants but full-time in the fall when they ramp up to 300+ employees. The hours are during the day and flexible. The guy who hired him is the guy we met at Olives not even two weeks ago. How weird and amazing is that?

So, here I sit at 2 a.m. drinking coffee and writing on my blog. The big question is how to celebrate.

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