Wednesday, December 29, 2010

raking snow off the roof

Raking snow off the roof is way too passive sounding. Raking snow makes you think of those leisurely swipes you take at piles of dry, light maple leaves in the fall. Raking snow off your roof is nothing like that. Raking snow is more like standing in snow up to your hinder, holding a twenty-foot pole as you attempt to drag 20 inches of crusty, heavy snow off a surface 14 feet in the air. There is nothing "rake-like" about this. This is heavy artillery. This is a job for tough guys.

Some ad Regis read said to let gravity do the work. Maybe so if you have 4 inches of fluffy stuff. Gravity wanted nothing to do with this snow.

Not only that, but our damn snow blower is down. So, whatever came off the roof in the massive avalanches had to be shoveled off the sidewalk. It's a miracle we both didn't end up face down in a drift.

On a more positive note, now that we know we can do it, we may have found new careers. I hear guys are getting 200 bucks an hour to clear snow off a roof. That pays better than teaching or tech support.

Note: That looks like our garage and our snow rake and our snow. This is a google picture, though. Neither of us has this Donny Osmund hair.

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Jill said...

Roof rakes are out of stock all across the Midwest. You SHOULD charge rent! We finagled Charlie into raking our roof a few days ago. Last year he had help from Tanner and Evan, but I can't describe how fast those two guys found something else to do when Larry brought up the need for hauling out the roof rake once again! I'll share what they said when we're out of range of anyone who might read or hear such unbecoming language!