Monday, December 27, 2010

my least favorite news week of the year

I loathe the news and avoid it most of the time. I read (look at) the Tribune every day and I check out the Free Press online to make sure nobody I know has died or that some really big thing hasn't gone down about which I should know, avoiding ending a sentence with a preposition. Enough gets in that I don't appear to be a complete dolt, although maybe I do and nobody has told me.

Most of what I see there, I can do just fine without knowing. This morning's headlines: tour bus crash in Egypt, pawn shop robbery, octomom eviction, and snowstorms in the East. I read less and less of it all the time and I'm mentally healthier for it. Unless the bad guy is coming down my street, I don't want to read it.

So, this week, apparently with a shortage of other dismal news, the papers have to publish, or re-publish, their best news stories of the year. Oh, good. Let's just splash that crap all over the front page one more time. No, at the end of the decade, there it will be for a third time. Am I the only one puzzled by this?

Regis and I have a week planned. Some fun, some productivity. He is going to hit the job search sites hard every day. He declined the interview at the major cell phone company because it was a customer service job in a huge call center. Been there and suffered that. I said he didn't go to school for 18 months to go back to that kind of hell.

I am going to pick up a lot of the Christmas flotsam and jetsam. I will leave the tree up because I love the lights into January. Last year, it stayed up until past St. Patrick's Day, just with different lights and decorations. check out the blog posts for those seasons to see the proof.

I have a couple of computer projects, too. I want to scan some of my grandma's old photographs from her youth. Regis and I looked at them last night and while I can't identify most of the people, the settings and the times are fascinating. We'll see how far I get with that.

The weather looks problematic for much travel. Rain and freezing rain starting Wednesday. That could foil our quiet New Year's Eve plans. We have reservations at our favorite restaurant in Mankato with some friends but we won't leave town if the roads are icy. Who needs that stimulation?

One of the interesting thing about all of this social media is this: I can't always remember how things get into my head or how they get disseminated. This device of torture, for example. It's called a TRX exercise system and I've been using it in my workouts with Rachel. I remember writing about it somewhere but was it here...or on Facebook? (Not twitter because I can't find a use for that...)

Regis was talking about LeBron James the other day. Wait, wait...I know something about this. He's a basketball player who transferred from one team to another and angered the home folks. This is not the type of knowledge I would typically possess. How did it get in there? I thought at first, it was one blog (sweet juniper) but then remembered it was another blog (refuse to regain). Neither of them were very likely sources of this tidbit, but there you have it. It's life on the information superhighway.

I love how google finds illustrations for almost any crazy thought I have. Amazing.

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