Saturday, December 04, 2010

more things to be thankful for

  1. Birds. Here I am in a pair of red velvet reindeer antlers with jingle bells on, feeding the birds. We had two pair of cardinals at the feeders yesterday. They were so beautiful against the white snow in the dusk. It takes your breath away. Regis took the picture through the window and the white lights are the reflection of our Christmas tree lights. 
  2. Fun today. Ella is coming over to decorate our tree then we're going to the fish house parade and maybe downtown to see Santa.
  3. Boots. I have been on a boot kick for the last year. When I was ahem, fatter, I always wanted to wearboots but my calves were too big. Now that I can fit my strong legs into boots, they're all I want to wear. I like a good deal, though, so I shop the clearance area of and this is my latest purchase. They're Carlos Santana snakeskin/leather boots. They were 180 bucks originally (yeah, I don't know where...) but I got them for 38 bucks. Wow. Great deal. They are not good on ice, though. Wherever Carlos lives, they apparently do not have winter. I wore these out last weekend and had to stand motionless on an icy sidewalk while Regis ran to get additional footwear.
  4. My mom pointed out in a comment on the previous thankful post that I should be thankful for her and I am. She's a woman with a kind heart and good sense of fun and adventure. I hope I can be as much fun as my mom is when I'm 80. Speaking of 80, she said she got something from her car insurance company that said her car was only driven by an 80 year old woman and she thought, "Who in the hell is the 80 year old woman driving my car?" That's a hoot. Of course, Mom didn't say hell because she doesn't cuss as much as I do. Hardly anybody does.
  5. Coffee. Not really but I had this great cartoon.

This thing is starting to mess with my formatting so I have to stop with the list. I don't like bad formatting...or spelling mistakes in public places.

Regis and I went to Patrick's last night for a glass of wine. They had posters up advertising a band called the New Primitives. Primitives was spelled like this: Primatives. Holy crap. I thought they would be stunned to know this so I took a couple of them down to show Brian who is in charge of things like that. He shrugged. I told Joey who was waiting on us. He shrugged. So, I guess in the world of Patrick's, it doesn't matter.

Onward and upward. Ella is coming over this morning to help decorate the tree. We will venture out to see the fish house parade and Santa later. It should be a wonderful weekend. Hope you enjoy it, too.

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