Tuesday, December 28, 2010

errands and eating out

We started the day with breakfast at Whiskey River for Joanne's birthday. Regis took out picture and we watched the wild turkeys come out of the woods on a little path. Someone said it's like the have a highway up to the feeders.

You can't see them in the picture because I was undercover, but I had on the shiniest pair of purple leggings you have ever seen. I wore a long coat in and didn't march around for fear of giving some old gentleman a heart attack. The theme of this Christmas season has been: More sparkle in 2011. I thought it was an appropriate outfit to celebrate Joanne's birthday.

Regis and I headed to Mankato at 11:00. I had a date with the consignment shop lady to look at some of my outgrown clothes. I've given many away to the thrift store, some very favorite pieces away to friends, but this is what was left. I was glad to get it out of my house. What doesn't sell by March, they will donate.

We made a spin up to Kohl's and TJ Maxx. I was sort of dazed by the crowds and the stuff so mostly just wandered around. Regis is a patient shopper and will drop me at the door, wait in the car until he sees me emerge, then swoop in to pick me up. I saw lots (and I mean lots) of faux fur very cheap. I used remarkable restraint and didn't buy one thing. How much faux fur does a girl need?

We stopped at Pappageorge to confirm a reservation for New Year's Eve and each had a salad. We've gotten to be regulars so they know us and come to visit when we stop in. NYE is weather permitting, of course. The prediction is for rain turning to icy rain turning to snow over the next few days. Lovely.

Regis bought a roof rake today. This is a 20-foot implement to remove snow from your roof. I thought we should just take our chances but I was informed today that a guy's household insurance won't cover things that are benign neglect. Meaning that we should take the snow off the roof. In Minnesota? Really? Maybe they should build our roofs at a steeper pitch so the snow just rolls off so it doesn't collect there.

We also had to find a spark plug for our snow blower which has gotten a hell of a workout this winter. It took a stop at the hardware store and an auto parts store. I didn't go into the auto parts store. I don't know why, I just didn't. It must be like the avoidance Regis has for Victoria's Secret. Now that's funny.

I did go into an auto parts store once. The guy who cleaned my car out after I left all four of the windows open the night we got two inches of rain said normally he only took appointments but this qualified as an emergency so he would get me right in. He did an amazing job on the car and it never smelled wet or moldy. But...he gave me royal hell for not having floor mats. This would be funnier if you could see the building he used. It was like a damn bat cave. Filthy and wet and the coffee pot looked like it hadn't been cleaned in thirty years. And he's giving me crap for not using floor mats?

I was intimidated, though, and drove right down to the auto parts store to get some floor mats. I explained the guy's tirade and they nodded knowingly. Maybe they were in cahoots.

I was looking for an image with the terms "royal hell" and found this. Not at all what I wanted but funny just the same.

On further investigation, this is some dude's blog. He uses the sh*t word a lot but always spells it with an asterisk. Good thing he doesn't live in Milwaukee. That would be a big ass fine.

I signed up for a TRX class tomorrow. This is the torture device described in a previous post. What was i thinking? I did look at the list of participants...signed my name...crossed my name out...wrote it in a different class...crossed that out...went back to the original class. I'm not sure I can explain the logic.

So, here is my retribution for making fun of the end-of-the-year news summaries. This is from the Herald:
Teresa Saum, Tammi Skinner, Peggy Carlson and others with the St. Peter Eats group will find a way to transform the river to a beautiful aqua blue salt water ecosystem and then harvest lobster and crab for the healthy recipes they will suggest all year in 2011.
I think this is meant to be funny. Like the website that describes Mankato as:
the underwater city, the pyramid and maybe do some whale watching. But when they arrived at their motel, they found no one knew about these and dozens of other attractions that the Web site at http://city-mankato.us claims Mankato offers.
Tomorrow, we go forward. We have fun. We go see True Grit. Regis gets trained by AARP to help old people do their taxes. I exercise. We meet for coffee. Jan cleans our house. It will be a good day.

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