Wednesday, December 08, 2010

arrghghgh the weather

I made the mistake of reading the weather forecast tonight. So much better than hearing the alarmist weather people go on and on about it but alarming just the same. In the next few days, they are predicting freezing drizzle, snow up to four inches, high winds, and plummeting temperatures which means very cold wind chills. Oh, for God's sake. Who needs this? I am all for the change of seasons but really... Siberia? I can't stand it.

Mom says I should stop paying attention to weather forecasters. She is probably right.

On top of that we have been monitoring files at work which is a lot like giving birth and having a root canal at the same time. You're so glad when it's over but you never want to repeat it. Bad ass stuff.

I have all the lights on tonight and I have a glass of wine. It's not helping. Now what?

Regis is in the midst of finals for his two classes, one of which is networking. He says it's like giving birth and having a root canal at the same time. We're in trouble now.

I have been making it to the Pulse to exercise. I have to get up before 4 a.m. and drink coffee and warm up the car before I have the courage to go outside. Once I'm there. I'm pretty much fine but I'll tell you this. I have a different body temperature than some of those people. I go in long pants, boots, a thermal shirt, and a fleece jacket. And that's what I work out in except that I change my boots to shoes. Some of those women oh my God wear shorts and tank tops and blow a fan on themselves. I have gloves in my pockets in case I need them. Do I need to eat more lefse? Do they need to eat less lard? What gives?

And another problem. These are people who apparently like a different kind of news than I like. I thought the regular cable news about recent robberies and murders was bad. How about E with news of some young actress whose name I don't remember having a face lift or going to rehab? How about ESPN with news of some basketball player doing something illegal and having to forfeit his multi-million dollar home? I'd rather watch cartoons. I do everything I can to block it out. Ugh. Who needs that shit in their head?

I went to Gordman's last night with my friend Vickie. We went in search of bling. Rhinestones. She bought some beautiful jewelry there and offered to take me shopping. I bought earrings, a necklace, a couple bracelets, and an ostentatious ring. Less than fifty bucks. I love it. It sparkles. A guy said to me today that his grandma loved rhinestones and he knew they could be expensive. I said not this, pal. I like a good deal. Anybody with rhinestones they don't want...send 'em my way. I'll wear them gladly.

We're having chili and parmesan chicken strips for dinner. Smells delicious. Come on over, Gayle!

Stay warm, friends! Leave a trail of breadcrumbs when you take the trash out.

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