Saturday, November 13, 2010

walter mondale spa package

Regis and I have laughed about how, with the new phones, we don't always know how we got some piece of information. Did it come by text message, instant message, email? The input is so fast and so varied. I use gmail on my laptop and as it' booting up, I get these quick little views in the lower corner of all the new emails. Sometimes I read them so fast I get them mixed together. The subject line happened yesterday. Walter Mondale Spa Package? Actually two separate emails. Interesting concept, though.

I stopped to have a glass of wine with some women friends yesterday. We had more than a few laughs. Good way to end a week where the zombies chased me to the car every day.

I gave my friend, Joanne, a pair of shiny purple leggings for an early birthday present. I have a pair myself and would never wear them outside of the house, but they're a hoot and they make you feel like you're in Footloose. Or something.

We've decided, given the weather forecast, that we won't be leaving town tonight. Instead, we will strategically attend the Durty Nellys show at Patrick's. This will require at least one nap, maybe two, and a steel resolve. It will be loud and crowded but it's a band we'd really like to hear.

It was my goal for the week to get all the tubs put away but here it is, Saturday morning, and they're still everywhere but put away. I will get it done today. Lots of coffee, some good music, and Thanksgiving just around the corner.


Anonymous said...

Hi Teresa,

How cool is this!! We recognize both people in the top photo .... Vickie and Nikki, our new friends!

Bob and Betty

mom said...

When did Marilyn turn into Betty???
I wish I had come to ST. Pete last Saturday. I would have loved to see Bob and