Wednesday, November 10, 2010

happy hump day

I have been entertained all evening by the archives of my blog. I was pretty funny a few years ago and wonder what happened. If you are ever irritated by my lack of productivity here, just go back and read the old stuff. It's all the same rants and goofiness so it won't matter. Not like I'm documenting current events or anything.

We have the best squirrels in our yard. When Regis was making his list of things to do this morning before I went to work, I said to add "take pictures of the squirrels". We have a pair (siblings? husband and wife?) of white-eared squirrels that seem to be around every winter.  I don't know much about squirrel habits so whatever. They are certainly healthy looking this time of year with sleek coats and fat tails. They sure keep busy.

I got a birthday box in the mail from Cousin Deb. It smelled delicious as I opened it and it contained three huge bath bombs and some assorted bath things from a company called Lush. Regis, ever curious, called me at school to tell me I had a package delivered, then looked it up online. He sent a text later that said it looked like little kids made soap out of their dead pets. Where does he get this stuff?

After many beautiful days in a row, the sky darkened and it rained a little today. The sky looks November-ish but so far, no snow. I hear they are under a winter storm watch in North Dakota. Poor souls. Time to start making potato dumplings and lard soup.

Speaking of lard, I was in the coffee shop today and noticed they had a sign for lefse: $12.95 a package. I hollered over at a friend of mine to ask if her son was coming down from Fargo this weekend. He gets the same lefse for $4.00 a package. I ordered five packages to get me through the holidays although lefse is a dangerous thing to keep in the house. Some of my family has learned to like it with sugar. I have cousins who are sugar-eaters but my family was not. We were lefse purists. Butter and maybe a piece of turkey but no sugar. Now I have to serve lefse on two plates...sugar and non-sugar. Harrumph.

I sort of wish I had the gumption to make lefse as I used to but I don't. It's in the category with counted cross stitch and hitch hiking: things I did in my youth but wouldn't consider doing now.

Regis and I are trying to plan our weekend. We have several choices for Saturday night:

  1. A quiet dinner at our favorite romantic spot, Papageorge in Mankato.
  2. A raucous show at Patrick's by the Irish rock group the Durty Nellys.
  3. A folk concert at the Bothy by a group called Sweety Patootie.
There are definite +s and -s to each but we're leaning toward #1. As much as I'd love to see the Durty Nellys, it would require a quality nap, staying up until midnight, a tolerance for a large crowd, and probably more wine than would be good for me. A guy just can't deal with that much stimulation without self-medicating.

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