Monday, November 15, 2010

fast morning blog post

It's 4:35 a.m. on a cold November morning. I was so tempted to stay in bed and pretend I had over-slept which of course, I hadn't because I was awake and plotting it. I got out of bed and put my exercise clothes on right away so it would be easier. I loathe Mondays.

Someone wrote on Facebook about the Twins. Are they still playing baseball in November? I'm embarrassed to ask and I couldn't find it in the paper. I thought the World Series was in October. I don't like this cross-over of sports seasons.

We watched a program last night called Marathon Challenge. Regis ordered it from Netflix. The PBS program NOVA took 12 people who were not athletes and trained them for the Boston Marathon. They didn't gloss over the injuries but they did make it look a lot easier than I think it would be. Either that or those people were very motivated. All but one made it to the finish and she only because of an injury. I learned some things, though, about glycogen stores in your body. Interesting. Can't watch NOVA without learning something.

I'd like to spend another hour pondering this blog post, writing a little more, drinking some more coffee, then get up to bake a loaf of bread. Not to be. Off to the Pulse.

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